• don’t date someone you wouldn’t have a harry potter movie marathon with 5k text post success pfft 10k notes dogs okay but hp is the real thing and lotr+the hobbit of course jasmin talks pottern •

don’t date someone you wouldn’t have a harry potter movie marathon with

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don’t date someone you wouldn’t have a harry potter movie marathon with
cat art color anyway i hate this post so much ketsu arts okay how do i tag this literally how the hell do i tag this it's hard to draw things that are non-fandom in nature i was going to include a tg character in there but then i can't find the right size for this perspective things thingy* not things pfft i tried to do something different this time the bg was referenced of course how the hell else can i draw bgs given my mediocre art skills lmao i used a colour palette for the colours and added in my own colours sooooooooooooo idk the combination looks p pleasing to me idk about you random cat in there bc yknow 'centre of attention' and shit maybe it's not centre of attention enough bc it's still not the first thing i see when i look at this picture crey i am a failure do not look at me i have three million ideas for edits (rly simple ones tho) that i have yet to get to like i've had them in mind for like a month but then i was too lazy to do it laziest person on earth that is me okay i should stop ranting in the tags im sorry people removed my comment and added their own and i want to delete this post off everyones blogs fuck this post and fuck the person who removed the comment i wonder how many notes this will get
what people think studying looks like:what studying actually looks like:
“bisexuals are half straight”“bisexuals are inherently transphobic” “when a bisexual dates the opposite sex, they’re just hetero” “bisexuals have no place in lgbt+ safe spaces” “i’d never touch a bi/pan person because they’ve been with the ...
Friendly reminder that the Death Eaters had a seating chart.  Like, they all had specific spots in the circle and when some of them were missing they left spaces for those people because they knew exactly where their spots were.  Just imagine Voldemort pouring over that thing like “Dammit. I c...
1k mine 5k game of thrones hp what have i done 10k jon snow but i had to mine: HP mine: got hpedit I'm so sorry for this gotedit i had that textpost in my head the past few day's i cound't resist this is the stupidest thing i ever made
Okay can we just talk for a second about how Mrs. Weasley made Harry a Weasley sweater after having only met him once, just because Ron wrote her and told her that Harry wasn’t expecting to get any presents for Christmas?
* spoilers LOTR But oh well 5k legolas dos lotredit *lotr Thranduil *the hobbit hobbitedit Desolation of Smaug mine: 1000 notes mine: auj mine: dos mine: ttt this is a bit strange
Every interaction with Thorin ever
someone: damn, I seem to have lost my keys Thorin: do not SPEAK to me about LOSS 
the hobbit fili also that is all my thing hobbitedit fili friday of durin's folk the world is not in your books and maps we may be few in number; but we're fighters you'll never be what is in your heart tolkienmeme the next person who tells me '~~~that's the hobbit not lotr!!!!!!!~~~' is gonna get smacked yes thank you I KNOW i realize the post says 'lotr meme' but i am tagging it 'tolkienmeme' i would be love it if people would stop telling me things i already kn know** ANYWAY!!! v pleased with this still hate doing text on gifs
the hobbit bilbo baggins an unexpected journey 1000 notes Bilbo gifs by myla *hobbit auej THE HOBBIT IS AN ACTUAL THING IT WILL BE A MOVIE IT'S COMING OUT IN LESS THAN 200 DAYS THIS IS REAL IT'S SO SOON I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO anyway...i made things i don't love them maybe it's because i'm tired of looking at them BUT HERE THEY ARE
"sorry that was my last piece of gum"