• *has guests* Mom: well time to do The Most™ 7k parents ily mom she means well do all parents do this or just black parents? stressed-princess-syndrome •

*has guests*

Mom: well time to do The Most™

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You’re sitting at your desk, and you know it’s time to go. You’ve said that to ...
* no pressure legend of korra tenzin Lin Beifong lol no pressure or anything your parents only built this city and have huge fucking statues that you see every single day lazy gifs i am sorry i'll do something quality soon
smosh anthony padilla Ian Hecox
* depression sad suicide self harm self hate cutting selfharm anonhelp anon help
Give me two fictional characters you think are my parents.
football athletes erin dimeglio high school football UGH THIS TOOK FOREVER also I am back at school so sorry for lack of posting
mygifs in time just wait Asami Sato Asami Sato is Batman and Iron Man I just haven't turned that into a gif set yet. but I will
"What did you do over the summer?"
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This is a PSA I made for my broadcasting class at school. My...
Hey guys, I wanna try to prove something to my mom. Please reblog if you would prefer Obama over Rom...
b.a.p yongguk interview: b.a.p hot debut: yongguk