• *has guests* Mom: well time to do The Most™ 7k parents ily mom she means well do all parents do this or just black parents? stressed-princess-syndrome •

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Mom: well time to do The Most™

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*has guests* Mom: well time to do The Most™
they DON'T i can't think straight but it's true sheetal sheth q slur desi lgbtq desi femslash i apologize for this huge wall of text but i was watching this movie and i swear i straight up started crying at this our parents would never say out loud that they don't want us to be happy and that's resulting in a huge generation of kids that are miserable af and they don't know what to do about it because it isn't their own misery it's their parents disappointment and fury and disgust and what they do is they internalize all that negativity and they project it onto every single other person in their life their straight friends and professors or just anyone everybody becomes your parents everybody becomes your enemy
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ugh comics stuff i made argh legend of korra the legend of korra Mei Lin Bolin borra madi draws things this comic I sure had a death wish starting this comic with this kind of style and shading I had no idea what I was going to do for the colors at first and I put this off for a while because I was unsure about the paneling and colors but in the end I did this and I'm pretty okay with it all just some good experimentation now I have about three other comic ideas I want to finish hoo boy
And don’t fucking tell me That I only care about myself. Because you have no idea How little I really do. And you don’t underst...
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death cw selfie bee periods cw is it true that 'bathroom' is a super vulgar term for toilet room in America?? I think I heard about that in school once? what are you saying instead? I think bathroom is super nice it does not sound like you would use that room for poop at all but maybe the vulgar term was 'toilet'? maybe i am confused I do not remember it well my old high school is having a christmas market next december maybe I should go and ask and buy a bad looking candle every class had to craft something for the christmas market so our parents would buy it and then the nuns would have money to buy more boeat boats for our boat competition team and we all just made candles every year children are not very good at making candles you know one year (grade 5 or 6?) our carnival celebration in class did not happen official because our teacher got sick or something but looking back it was probably because that year 'Traumschiff Surprise" was really the big thing in Germany (Traumschiff Surprise is a German Star Trek parody and it is about how gay everone is) and like 5 boys were planning to dress up as Capitain Cock and Spucki and this was not an idea that good at our catholic school so there was no carnival for us because of gay Star Trek so to make up for it our teacher wrote a funny poem about our class and every student hat a little rhyme but my teacher had forgotten that I was in her class and when she realized after she finished the poem that there was still a rhyme missing she just looked at me and tried to make up something on the spot
I swear parents do this just to say they had to tell you to ...
  • Parent:What's wrong???? Why are you sad??
  • Child:I can't tell you
  • Parent:WHY??? You can tell me anything!! I'll always support you! Don't be afraid!
  • Child:*describes a problem that has something to do with something the parent did*
  • Later
  • Parent:What's wrong? Why are you sad?
  • Child:
  • ...
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my gifs once upon a time Emma Swan august w booth and it breaks my heart neal cassady or as i call them - the lost children of fairytale land each left by their parents in a strange world each eventually alone and they all make mistakes and do bad things sometimes but they find each other they find each other and they find their parents and they become great but it's not without the being alone being abandoned or given up by your parents and it does things to the soul makes they unable to trust and unwilling to be vulnerable wow i have a lot of feelings about neal and emma and august also first time with this effect WOOOOOOOOT