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911 help
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Daughter Calls 911 to Help Suicidal Mother, Cops Shoot Her by Mistake, Then Kill Her Mom
Sparks, Nev. police answering a call about a suicidal woman shot the woman’s daughter by mistake, then killed the mother. Latham, the gouther, says she and her sister were checking on their mother, Monica Ritchey, at her home in Sparks after 2 p.m., when their mother held a gun to her own h...
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I either eat too much I starve myself Sleep for 14 hours or have insomniac nights Fall in love too hard or hate passionately I don’t ...
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hands down my fave bit of rotk is when the ring’s been destroyed and mordor is like collapsing in on itself and sauron is freaking the fuck out but all he can do is swivel his giant eye around he’s like guys what’s happening guys GUYS I THINK MY TOWER IS COLLAPSING GUYS IM SERIOU...
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