• a haiku about my otp otp i hate you all but i love you too this applies to too many ships i am too conflicted for this world otp's vampireswillbutthurtyou •

a haiku about my otp

god fucking dammit

can’t you just kiss already

jesus fucking christ

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a haiku about my otp
god fucking dammit can’t you just kiss already jesus fucking christ
goodbye mine idk okay If you're a bird I'm a bird ahhh because husbands i suck otp: id marry you harry but here i am i hate making gifsets of multiple videos i just love these two fucks and talking to hannah about them just gets me emotional otp: you make me strong otp: so baby be with me so happily otp: my hand your hand tied up like two ships im stressed im going to be sad if this doesn't hit 1k i worked over 3hrs i kept getting tumblr error *errors it was too much for the system their love is too intense i should stop typing and just publish it but im nervous
taeyang bigbang bae i laughed so much at this mybigbangedit Bae:gifs -is /real/ (hello i am tumblr user seungripls and im not actually an adult i am actually 12 years old) a minute of silence for all the poor MCs all around the world who have had to pretend to understand and pronounce $waggy american slang in all its forms (-but that poor dog's permanent face in the corner lmfao) (he looks so unamused and hopeless) (like this has happened too many times to him those eyes… they are the eyes of a survivor… *whispering* this dog has /heard/ things) (…and by things i mean all the possible versions of his name under the sun) (i feel you Homie - i've been there too)
MY EDIT hannibal mads mikkelsen how?! SDFGHJKLDFGHJKFGHJ don't hate for making this I hate myself for making this too yeah but how on earth could you point a gun at this cutest creature in the world this one is crappy but I needed a lot of frames so I had to reduce the colors well this smile worth it
1k mine* ;___; i hate everything person of interest poi is it poi spoilers poi* POIEDIT Samantha Groves sameen shaw Root x Shaw RootxShaw otp: maybe someday IS THIS ENOUGH??? IS IT??!!! GIVEN THAT I'M GNNA SACRAFICE MYSELF TO SAVE YOU AND THIS IS ALL WE'RE GONNA GET IS IT ENOUGH ROOT i think i'm adding this tag to the old one coZ MY HEART otp: kiss kiss to you too (i feel wrong tagging them that feels too cheery ;___;)
gif * Spoiler One Tree Hill sigh nathan scott dan scott sobbing profusely oth's best episode tbh this showed the heart of the show when the camera panned to keith i screamed ok nearly had a heart attack the naley reunion was simple but beautiful and all of dan's scenes obviously wow PAUL jfc *standing ovasion* and god the rivercourt scene and the fact that it was all in dan's head BAWL i said this last time but oth fans who stopped watching. watch this. you won't regret it (unless you hate bawling over perfection) can't listen to us against the world the same keith scott
comic snk dazz JeanEren erenjean im sorry this is bad and stupid but also too many dead marcos on my dash i mean like hes been alive for three years
1k mine once upon a time ouat Captain Swan cs graphic ouatedit emmaswanedit hookedit too many tags i'm too lazy to write them all i wanted to do this for awhile
1k One Direction Niall Horan 1D omg i love you yes so xxx see okay i can't alright cying Happy Valentine's Day so yes Okay? sydknee i want you all to be my valentine i claim monopoly on you i really do love you though this is a good day for me because i love everyone so much and it's a day to celebrate that and i love this day and i love love i just have too many emotions
Fanart doodle now i need to stop snk shingeki no kyojin AOT redraw attack on titan otp meme hanji zoe but i think levihan levi ackerman it's getting ridiculous but you know what i love about otp week !!?? so many new fanfictions goddamn!!!!
W i love people it is very easy to shift into apathy and indifference and to hate people who make you feel too much but one day i thought of this and i have never stopped im not going to pretend anymore i dont have this tendency to love too much it is hurtful but it is real at least everyone deserves to be treated like a universe
canada needs to be more like nordic europe jfc theres so many other reasons too tho but i also am extremely patriotic for canada and will never move from this countyu