• A long tight hug would be perfect right now. Personal thoughts vent zxcvbnmloldiaz •

A long tight hug would be perfect right now.

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A long tight hug would be perfect right now.
1. before you love, understand that the expanses of their anatomy are not a map. don’t expect to find yourself in their calloused hands, o...
Just because I don’t talk About it anymore Doesn’t mean I’m better. I can tell when people get tired of me, But mental ill...
Big Dick Problems
Morning wood more like Morning tree
Suicidal Thoughts,
You’re at the point where you’re just breaking down. You feel as if everyone hates you and you’re starting to hate yourself too. All the people you thought you could trust are no where to be found. Your family doesn’t understand you. No one cares enough to listen. And all you...
im ok bro *sniffles* totally ok *starts to cry* dude im so good right now
A huge frustration with having a personality disorder or mental illness is that you don’t know what’s good for you, you don’t know what you need. You’re doing the best you can to get by. Your brain, which controls your behavior, is ill. It’s disordered. Basically it&rsq...
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comic ignored vent vent art anyone else? vent drawing i always feel ignored my friends make me feel like shit without even trying sorry for bad thoughts just kinda did this this is seriously every week im glad its summer
Don’t rush things. Anything worth having is worth waiting for
Slow replies are the shittest things ever.
I miss you but you seem fine without me