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Eu transformei tua casa numa bagunça. Tu transformou minha vida. Justo.

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No one loves Harry Potter more than ABC family
It’s Christmas??? HARRY POTTER WEEKEND!!! It’s the Fourth of July??? HARRY POTTER WEEKEND!!! It’s Easter??? HARRY POTTER WEEKEND!!! It’s Memorial Day??? HARRY POTTER WEEKEND!!! It’s President’s Day??? HARRY POTTER WEEKEND!!! It’s November??? HARRY POTTER WEE...
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Plantei ilusão e colhi decepção. Da próxima vez planto batatas, pelo menos dá pra fritar e comer.
ABC Family "Potterhead Weekend"
For the first time since the channel started airing Potter marathons several years ago, ABC Family will be showing all 8 films as part of their special “Potterhead Weekend” event! Friday, July 11: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – 7:30 p.m. Saturday, July 12: Harry Potter and the S...
  • "Hmm.. It's Halloween... Harry Potter marathon."
  • "Christmas is coming up guys, better run all the Harry Potter movies."
  • "Presidential election day. You know what this needs? Harry Potter marathon."
  • "Is that a full moon? Quick start the Harry Potter reels."
me flirting: so uh have you watched LOST? *eye twitches*
Dear ABC,
We need a season 2 of Galavant.  
harry potter abc