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Able Bodied Feminism Is...

Thinking “nobody should be forced to carry a disabled child to term” is a good argument for abortion rights.

Not realizing that widespread forced sterilization of disabled women is still happening.

Upping Margaret Sanger despite her being a racist and a supporter of Eugenics.

Thinking that the only influence that Frida Kahlos disabilities had on her art was putting her in a lot of pain.

Not considering disability to be as important axis of oppression as race or gender.

Making fun of “frivolous white girls” when they are asking for a lot of disability accommodations for work or school.

Talking about how brave of a woman Anne Sullivan was while ignoring her disability and Helen Kellers own achievements.

 Seeing transgender as being chiefly a medical issue and being shitty to trans women as a result in order to “protect mentally well cis girls spaces”.

Insisting that women don’t deserve to be babied because “we aren’t handicapped, we can do things on our own”.

Glossing over how race and disability intersect, because ableism isn’t seen as being important.

Glorifying the achievements of women who subject their disabled children to cures and treatments that the child doesn’t actually want.

Not making discussions of consent accessible to disabled young girls and boys.

Putting zero effort into bringing sex education to more special ed classrooms in the US and beyond.

Insulting old feminists by taunting them with images of canes, walkers, and being crotchety witches.

Disrespecting housewife jobs when it is often the only work disabled women can do consistently. Same with sex work.

Not including disabled women in body positive activities.

Medicalizing bi and asexuality.

Making fun of MRAs by calling them autistic,insane, or suggesting they have small penises.

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don’t tell people to kill themselves. don’t tell people to kill themselves. don’t tell people to kill themselves. don’t tell people to kill themselves. don’t tell people to kill themselves.
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