• I was going to type out the tag “time to go find some food” and??? about me going 2 actually put this in my about me pls boywhocriedwerewolf •

I was going to type out the tag “time to go find some food” and???

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I was going to type out the tag “time to go find some food” and???
*binge watches television series that are 15 years old instead of facing my rapidly approaching real life problems*
  • anxiety:hey. hey! you fucked up.
  • me:oh shit, what did i do?
  • anxiety:i'm not telling. you have to guess.
me dog flower selfie this is going in my about page hint: reblog this
about me i guess ??? mostly i've just been collecting things like fairy lights and pillow cases and going through my old boxes of postcards/tickets/etc. to stick up on the walls never thought i'd actually use those old metcards and tube tickets but i'm v happy with it it makes such a difference to how i work in my room i tried to be minimalist and cool at first but i just fucking can't i'm useless i put crap EVERYWHERE
Why'd You Only Call Me When You're Fresh
as soon as i heard the beat of wyocmwyh this was all i could think about
mine Captain America Chris Evans Steve Rogers bucky barnes Sebastian Stan winter soldier The Winter Soldier Captain America The Winter Soldier cap 2 spoilers this is my way of shooting myself in the chest i'm getting too emotional about this i'm satan i'm so sorry for making it pls take photoshop away from me
my gifs my things bioshock Bioshock 2 Bioshock Infinite bioshockedit these are my absolute fav games i can talk for hours about them pls talk bioshock to me
  • 1. Are you happy?
  • 2. You've been given 2 million of your currency. Are you going to be careful with the money? What is the first thing you buy?
  • 3. Do you every get 'good morning' texts from anyone?
  • 4. If your significant other smoked pot, would you care?
  • 5. Do you get on well with your dad?
  • 6. What is your favourite season? Why?
  • 7. What was the worst moment of your life so far?
  • 8. Do people always deserve a second chance?
  • ...
serious the pokemon hall of fame coms but it all worked out always complain about your life in your psot tags turns out my asks about payment werent actually going through and they read me talking about it in the tags ah next hoard is someones original character with a pile of panties
barack obama my graphics (1) mckayla maroney I'm sorry I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome my president is can you imagine Romney or GWBush trying to do the Maroney face? let me do you a favor and tell you to NOT imagine that because it is creepy and weird but can we all agree that obamaroney should put out a self-help book about how to be fabulous and kick ass because let me tell you i would buy that shit in a heartbeat also can someone please PLS take a screencap of the guy to the left in the original photo throwing his head back and laughing and can you post it with 'OH MR PRESIDENT' because that is all i can see tbh I'M ALIIIIIIVE about to post an audio post to give a more thorough hello because it's been like 2 weeks omg????