• about me this is all you need to know about me flechter •
  • Ashton:[breathes]
  • me:fu kcin ,. fuc shiT [trips down stairs]

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  • Ashton:[breathes]
  • me:fu kcin ,. fuc shiT [trips down stairs]
** TES TESO mannimarco this is it this is my aesthetic this is all you need to know about me and all im about i was born for this terrible half god elven princes yes god yes oh yes take all my money and my soul too
"Hey, do you wanna come over and watch Disney movi—"
tbh if adult Remus Lupin with an actual job persuaded Neville to transform his boggart into Snape wearing women’s clothes, god knows what shit he was up to when he was a teenager
glee edit glee cast 9k gleeedit glee edit gleecastedit i know i know there are still 4 episodes left but i feel like since glee is about to end we need to thank all these beautiful people i grew up with glee and this cast means so much to me i wish you all the best ilysm
p mythology apollo greek mythology THIS SHOULDNT BE SO FUNNY I AM CRYIGN ALCESTIS myth blogging
it’s national eating disorder awareness week and to anybody else dealing with one right now or anybody who has dealt with one in the past: you’re incredibly strong and i’m proud of you. they aren’t easy to deal with and no matter what anybody else says about it the fact that you have the strength to...
Illustration British inks graphite British history completely accurate.
picture my posts mass effect mass effect 1 this is the entire game krogan testicles This is all you need to know about mass effect You no longer need to play it
mine comics Marvel Natasha Romanoff black widow natasha romanova graphic*
all you need to know about band tbh