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About Me


Name: Amphone
Nickname(s): Linh.
Gender: Female.
Age: 22
Birthday: January 15.
Hometown: Toccoa, Georgia.
Current Town: San Diego, CA.
Orientation: Student.


Favorite Color(s): Light blue & Pink.
Least Favorite Color: Gray, Silver, any dull colors, besides black.
Favorite Food: Any, as long as it’s food.
Least Favorite Food: Pickles & Insects.
Favorite Band/Artist: SHINee, U-Kiss, Girls’ Generation/SNSD, & R5.
Least Favorite Band/Artist: Hmmm…
Favorite Type of Movie: Romantic, Romance/Drama, Romantic/Comedy, Comedy, Drama, Drama/Action, and Action. 
Least Favorite Type of Movie: Not really into Science Fiction.
One thing you can’t get enough of: Austin & Ally Show!
One thing you hate more than anything: Fake People!


Are you single? Yes.
Do you have a crush on anyone right now? Nope, not at the moment.
Do you flirt a lot? Nah.
Sweetest thing you’ve ever gotten: My mom went to Sea World on my Birthday with me this year, that might be the smallest and not so special gift for anyone, but that meant a lot to me :)
Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes.
Do you fall in love fast? No. But I do have crushes easily once I meet a cute or good looking guy ;) haha
Do you ever make the first move? I’m afraid to, so no.
Do you want to get married? In the future haha


A daydreamer? Not really.
Shy? Not much.
Talkative? Depends, but I ask a lot of questions.
Energetic? Usually.
Happy? Yes. 
Depressed? When I’m tired ONLY.
Caring? Yes.
Trustworthy? Depends on the person too.
Confident? I can be.
Friendly? Oh Yes!
Sarcastic? Nah.
Dependable? Well….
Adaptable? Maybe.
Emotionally strong? Yes. Stronger than when I was a kid haha
Religious? Nah.
Indecisive? I can be.
Outgoing? Yo! Yo! :D
Nosy? If it’s not my business, then no. If it’s my business, then yes. hehe 
Lazy? At the most hahah
Artistic? Depends on my emotions.
Serious? Not Really.
Thoughtful? Don’t know, no one told me that I am.
Considerate? Yes.
Romantic? Emotionally Romantic haha
Obsessive? Not really. It depends. 
Sincere? Depends.
Tolerant? If it’s not TOO much, then yes.

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