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advice introvert lucy Empathy INFJ intuition empath

Signs of being an empath:

•People tell you that they feel better after talking to you about their physical and/or emotional pains, but you tend to feel worse after such conversations.

•You’ve experienced having aches and pains, or intense emotions out of nowhere, only to find out later that someone you love is going through exactly that.

•When you’re in a room with many people, your emotions and/or the physical sensations in your body often change extemely from one moment to the next. You’re worried that you may be crazy somehow. Yet, when you’re by yourself, things tend to calm down.

•You have trouble concentrating when other people are around, but you’re able to concentrate just fine when you’re by yourself.

•Some people get extremely uncomfortable around you, because they feel that you see right through them. You might have noticed that people avoid you when they want to hide what they are going through somehow.

•You know a lot about other people, without knowing how. You used to think that everyone knew this much about everyone, but are coming to the realization that this is -strangely- not the case.

•You feel extremely responsible for the well-being of the people around you. People have told you to let go, or not take things so seriously, but you just can’t.

•When you’re around certain people, you suddenly find yourself feeling, thinking and/or acting out of character. Without those people there, you revert back to your usual self. Depending on how you feel influenced, this can either be interesting and liberating, or a little scary and worrisome.

•You have trouble knowing what you want and need. To figure that out, you usually need to be by yourself for a stretch of time, and even then it may be much easier to voice what others want from you, than to say what you want for yourself.

•You struggle with setting boundaries because the disappointment, anger and grief (and other emotions) of other people impacts you deeply. It seems that, no matter what you do, it’s always lose-lose for you. Either you stand up for yourself, and get overwhelmed by the negative reactions of others, or you do what they want and don’t feel good about yourself.

•Your body often feels icky, murky, dark and unpleasant, even if you have no medical condition to attribute those feelings to. For that reason, you like to do things which take your attention away from being physically aware of how your body feels.

•You notice that you’re more directly impacted by other people’s energy when looking someone directly in the eye, being in close proximity to someone or having a strong personal bond with someone (that can influence you over long distances).

•People tend to tell you things that “they’ve never told anyone before” even if they hardly know you.

•Crowds tend to be overwhelming and draining for you, unless they’re an exceptionally feel-good bunch.

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advice introvert lucy Empathy INFJ intuition empath
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