• Age Test texts 100 real 16 mental 20 my cousin is 14 and it said she is 29 and you don't understand how true it is she is literally 29 ok I did It again bc I decided to change one or two answers and it said I'm 26 trxyes •

this is so cool! add your real and mental age in the tags :)

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this is so cool! add your real and mental age in the tags :)
when you’re in trouble there are four options: stay silent and get yelled at for ignoring your parent apologize and get yelled at for sass (even when it was sincere) defend yourself and get yelled at for talking back answer any questions your parent asked you and get yelled at for sass (again ...
my stuff Outlander Caitriona Balfe jamie x claire outlandercastedit caitrionaedit sorry those gifs are crap cause the video quality is crap (seriously it's 2015 who releases a professional interview w/ fucked up aspect ratio in only 480p??) but i had to do something w/ it the import thing here is that quote tho what she said was so true and so beautiful i love me when actors understand deeply their characters also i made that transcript myself so there's probably some punctuations and grammar mistakes there but just go with it i'm just here trying to deal with having to wait until someone uploads the new ep somewhere
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Songs Taylor Swift haters need to listen to 1/?: Ronan “I wrote a song for Rona...
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1k my gifs mine 5k 2k game of thrones requested 10k 4k House Stark Sansa Stark 3k mine: got i hope you like it! gotedit gotsansastark gotstarks i remember making a similar set when the lysa scene happened (i think someone requested it? i never found it again) and i fin this so interesting because i wouldn't consider sansa manipulative by nature but she certainly knows how to make use of it when she needs to and also exploiting her so-called weaknesses against these people: i'm just a supid girl and you're so clever and also the reality: her real fear with lysa and the traumatic experience of lysa's deaths with the lord declarants and also how it always happens in moments of extreme danger as a way to sruvive (or save other's life in the case of dontos) (except maybe the third) is also so interesting to see the relationship between sansa and lying i find that truly fascinating anyway i'm ranting (pretty please don't add hate here i really understand you disliking sansa or having a different opinion but please dont be rude about it)
* Idina Menzel anyway awwww I'M SO PROUD she is always so grateful :3333 people say snidely 'she must wish she never did frozen she probably hates Let It Go' and instead she says time and time again how grateful she is for all that and like she said she's been yearning for so long to belong in that successful music business and now she is and then she gives a speech about realizing that she can just be the performer she wants and i'm so happy for all her success I HEARD HER ON THE RADIO IN BELGIUM TODAY!! LIKE!!! :'33333 don't worry be happy :) if i made any mistakes i'm sorry but yeah lol - feel free to tell me tho ok lol now i combined the two videos haha whatever
me Christian Bale freecocaine myg the prestige this is me okay THIS PHOTOSET IS MY LIFE this is me in a photoset dramatic about everything and it /IS MY LIFE/ f:theprestige LOL OKAY I MADE THIS BECAUSE ALSO I SAW SOME TAG FOR THIS GIF AND IT SAID HE WAS LIKE A PRETEEN WITH HIS HAND MOVEMENTS AND HOW HE SAID IT CAUSE OMFG THIS IS ME and if you don't understand then i am sorry to be you
MY EDIT my graphic skye ovrdressed2kill's gifs agents of shield Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Brett Dalton chloe bennet grant ward aos spoilers skyeward he is trying so incredibly hard to please her and that's why i'm concerned because when she told him to run into a wall faster did she realize that he would for her? if she said it again he'd do it he would literally do anything for her and when one person has all the power in the relationship do you know what that is that is very bad
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