• alice isn't dead emailing dickheads happierman •
alice isn't dead emailing dickheads

what i meant to say was “thanks for your email. unfortunately Alice Isn’t Dead hasn’t really been targeting the Entitled Solipsist demographic. good luck avoiding content warnings in your other free media consumption.”

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So apparently, Toph Beifong isn't dead.
She’s travelling the world, making an elite team of Metalbenders.  She left Lin in charge of the Police Headquarters in Republic City. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN OF THE FANDOM, THERE IS STILL HOPE.
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LOCAH - Land of Crypts and Helium LOPAN - Land of Polyandrions and Neon LOTAK - Land of Tombs and Krypton LOMAX - Land of Mausoleums and Xenon This just clicked and I’m SO EXCITED.
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So there was a post that said  and so I emailed Tumblr and this is how it went (I emailed them from other Tumblr which is called lightghost) (This is all through Gmail btw) (I know I sound like such a twerp) Tumblr staff are pretty cool
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Illustration digital loki alicexz trying some new styles aka less and less color i guess waTCHING SUPERNATURAL HAS MADE ME ALL DEPRESSED i'm on season 5 now this isn't even supernatural art why am i talking about it get a grip alice
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