• also kiznaiver wtf @self stop spontaneously starting new anime yuta reminds me soooo so so much of leo omfg hisomu is the embodiment of sin im tired but should i try 2 answer some messages :V marxandria •
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also kiznaiver wtf @self stop spontaneously starting new anime yuta reminds me soooo so so much of leo omfg hisomu is the embodiment of sin im tired but should i try 2 answer some messages :V
harmony hp harry x hermione look at it angstinspace hpthings towerandbishop harmonyinthetardis insynchlikeharmony what a pain MAKING TUMBLR UPLOAD THESE TOOK 1/3 THE TIME GOD but my harmony feels were strong after that marathon i said i'd include everthing but i actually skipped some also wtf is that fucking quote you guys fuck i laugh i cry omfg these directors and writerS (should i mention that i made this in a span of 2 days with my laptop being scary yesterday because it was tired and i ache for the prettycoloring tumblr won't upload?) and was it worth it? probably not. all together these are hard to consume but it was a journey for me wow instead of harmony feelings these are whines i'm sorry but i really want your harmony feelings on the tags pls EDIT: I just remembered what i wanted to put here THIS SHIP IS THE DREAM i was so spoiled by this non canon ship man so spoiled by the filmmakers liking this relationship so much. even ootp the only one not written was still funnily harmony the movies were so good to me so good to them i am spoiled
bye ok i should stop idk what to tag mine:graphic The 100 the100edit clarke griffin clarkegriffinedit the100daily im so happy that i finally finish this It took me like three weeks i remade some of the graphics so many times and im still not very happy with some pages like the cover for example i hate it but idk im tired and i should move on if it were up to me it would never be ok but idk this idea was eating my head and i had to do it i wanted to resume the serie in a few pages you know.... show the essence because i love this show so much I hope I have achieved it oh and I'm thinking of making one for the season 2 but idk when... also.. i should said that I was very influenced by Palefroi they work is my everything
1k MY EDIT pls the amazing spider man fck TASM graphic* tasm 2 marveledit tasmedit 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 *cringes* *rly hard* oh god no im cringing so hard who do i sacrifice this time for better ps skills @ god this is too much stress for 6am speaking of 6am...........i should probably stop making graphics in the dead of the night im going 2 die young its offical rip @ andro if ur reading this i have been deaded tell harrison hes ugly 4 me also i lost a follower for posting this fuk u 2 another update from beyond the grave: on my tablet this looks red wtf bitch its purple what is wrong with yu o i dont remember my tags for note count oops
** parks and recreation aubrey plaza april ludgate get to know me and god parksedit 10chf april is pretty much the embodiment of my inner thoughts as much positivity i try to show on the outside on the inside im just ---------------------- which is pretty much april and it wasn't until i saw aubrey plaza play this role that i realize this is my kind of comedy the deadpann very dry sarcastic humor which is prbably why i watch so much british comedy but pretty much plaza is amazing and april is amazing and i love this character so much not just for being the weirdest person ever but also because she is a softie and she cares so much but she doesn't like to show it and again a personification of my personality
parks and recreation mine 2 aubrey plaza april ludgate rashida jones ann perkins parksedit hi new people mine par a lot of ppl followed me this week also a lot unfollowed me haha idk sometimes i want to make things but then im so tired of doing nothing all i want to do is do nothing but it's so tiring
My art Fanart percy jackson pjo sketchbook annabeth chase jason grace thalia grace genderswap rule 63 Leo Valdez Piper McLean Rachel Elizabeth Dare Hazel Levesque Frank Zhang Octavian HoO Nico DiAngelo im kinda tired reyna arellano how is this relevant anyway i mean i feel kinda stupid i couldn't even make any hoh fanart or anything i need to stop only drawing versions of characters cause this is gonna get boring as always i think i need to give fanart a reeest at least that much of pjo i don't feel very much involved tbh i hope no one reads this i just needed to get this out of me a little
we were so wild omfg IM STILL LAUHING OMG this is so haram omg anyways
** taylor swift tswiftedit mine: all this has been in my drafts for so long i changed the colors at least 20 times and it still looks bad lmao and also is p much the same as my harry edit but wHO CARES i untagged this bc i hate it so much but thank u for so many notes omfg
1k MY EDIT Queen Erza Scarlet Wendy Marvell my edit: fairy tail Juvia Lockser ftedit mirajane strauss ftgraphics Lucy Heartfillia fairy tail bride cards ugh i rly should stop putting so much effort in crappy edits ;w; and damn rendering those pics was soooo much work ;O; i do like the lucy one but the others suck THOOO JUVIA LOOKS VERY BEAUTIFUL WOW WTF THIS HAS SO MANY NOTES ALL OF THE SUDDEN??????
a brief summary: galvanize
anime *graphic *all shinsekai yori shin sekai yori from the new world *animanga recs so many ways 2 spell this ok aka the anime that will majorly fuck with your mind why isn't this more popular i don't understand i spend the whole day watching this bc i couldn't stop also knows as i had boredom and wasn't in the mood to do any of the 200 other things i should be doing but yes you should check this anime out stunning animation and i don't think i've ever watched one with a more beautiful soundtrack than this a little bit slow paced at first and it's quite hard to get into it but it's so worth it psychological anime are all i need to keep me going *shinsekai yori is there even a word uglier than animanga i might change the title later *spent *known shitty spelling mistakes i blame that on my sleep deprived mind