• Amy Adams gal gadot gg* dcedit AA* bvsedit loisjoannelane my fav part of the bvs promo tour is gal and amy's love affair i don't think there's two cast members more supportive of each other tbh there's another vid where Amy says that on her first meeting w Gal she went up to her and said 'we're going to be best friends. i'm adopting you' jodockerys •

Gal Gadot professes her love for Amy Adams.

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edit jennifer lawrence Josh Hutcherson Liam Hemsworth Jen a lot of people appreciation post thgcastedit she deserves it jenn edit jlawrence edit too long sorry thg cast and more
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* doctor who eleven x amy otp: gotcha OH TAKE ME BACK TO THE STAAAAAAAAAAAAAART when amy left no one could be looking at the angel the doctor had his eyes on her and only her he knew what she was doing and he did not take his eyes off her for a second one last look at his amelia pond before she faded from him oh look I made myself hurt that stupid bottom cap of eleven it hurts more than anything tbh when he says 'I'll never see you again' and amy just replies with 'don't worry i'll be fine. I'll be with Rory' yeah but what has the doctor got? who has he got? amy is the most important person in eleven's life and she's suddenly gone he won't be fine
A:TLA katara zuko avatar the last airbender shipping zutara rufiozuko dante bosco DB is right about his character here's why in essay form meta meta meta please for the love of god don't try to rip my throat out I KNOW Kataang ended up end game BUT Y'ALL COULD HAVE HAD WAY MORE DEVELOPMENT THAN YOU DID AND I AM CRITIQUING THAT TO AN EXTENT. when you put your strongest moments for two characters in each other and not their love interests lmao /plays adele. we coulda had it ALLLLLLLL ROLLINGGGG IN THE DEEEEEEPPPP
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1k mygif arrow oliver queen Stephen Amell felicity smoak olicity oliver x felicity emily bett rickards and the last gif i love using this effect on gifs btw first i don't know if you noticed but oliver doesn't like to show his emotions to other people but he showed all sort of emotions to felicity he even shouted at her what i think is that he feels free to show his feelings to her he feels free to be himself around her because she won't judge him or say he's a villain she sees the real oliver and accepts the person he is and understands his feelings and thoughts and when she hugged him after that he looked at her first and then he looked at diggle and those few seconds were like he was saying to her: 'i came back as i promised you' and probably diggle wanted to ask: 'why don't the two of you just get a room?' oliver is so surprised to see that felicity hit the man and felicity looks a little bit scared but she did it to protect oliver and to hide his secret i bet no one will read these tags but if you did i'm saying to you hi
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1k * brotp Liz Lemon 30 rock jack donaghy 30rock^ lemon^ jd^ my ships llemon jdonaghy i should've tried to make this prettier. :/ that quote says it all these two have all the elements that would make me ship a pair... yet i can't help but only think of them as the closest and best friends or brother and sister i completely get why you would ship them though all the things they've done for each other liz making out with devon to help jack jack transferring floyd's girlfriend to conneticut for liz jack turning down padma lakshmi because he wanted to help liz out instead jack flying back to nyc from washington once liz found out about her false positive on her pregnancy test liz dancing in her bra in front of a huge room full of people to make sure jack didn't get embarrassed and just being each other's confidant there's so much more too greatest pair :')
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