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Miron-Aku was one of the last infamous finnish witches, the keeper of the ancient knowledge. Her rituals were recorded for studies during the Ahnenerbe expedition, which was led by Yrjö von Grönhagen by the personal appoinment from Henrich Himmler.

2. For Miron Aku, her house not only is her dwelling place, but also the home of the souls of her ancestors, whom she is greeting in the picture.

3. The neighbour thinks she can predict the future by using the pendulum.

4. Miron-Aku reenacts the ritual of transmission of the powers of a tietäjä to an apprentice

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Witch Respect
I respect the solitary witches who blaze your own trails, walk your own paths, and listen to your own gods. It can be a lonely, yet rewarding, life. It is not for the faint of heart. From the solitary we can all learn self-reliance and how to listen to our intuition. I respect the witch who chooses ...
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A woman has that much power, sooner or later it gets called witchcraft.