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[ Hesokuri Wars: RPG Event ]

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star wars my stuff A New Hope but still Revenge of the Sith star wars day i don't even know how to tag this and i'm spectacularly late happy star wars day everyone!
~ supernatural Misha Collins spn i'm not gonna tag all these sorry some of them have the cw logo i was too lazy to redownload a logoless ep
president of the life ruiners club im not gonna tag this cockles but u all know i'm thinking it
doctor who mydoctorwhogifs mygif3 not gonna tag all of them that is just cray crya a post dedicated to all the amazing women on doctor who i am pretty i forgot some really good one but i'm sorry i can't cap all of them im a gifmaker not a miracle worker
1k my gifs star wars sw sw edit swedit starwarsedit so much red i'm gonna cry i can watch this entire fight sequence 100000 times
mygifs the creatures creaturegroup im not gonna tag all of them im too lazy haha
* tegan and sara iratustegan okay shutting up now hehehehehe i bet you were expecting another gifset because it's all i can do for you lol sorry for beign talentless anyway WEEE ITS UR BDAY *sprinkles confetti all over u* *sings happy bday song v loud so everyone hears* *hugs u really tight and kind of like jumps around u being v happy* *grabs bday cake and smashes ur face against it like sara did to tegan* *runs bc if i ever do that im a dead woman* anyway uh i guess i've said it all???? happy bday ilu like A LOT V MUCH U DON'T EVEN UDNERTSTAND?? enjoy ur day EH u deserve it!!!! also all these gifs r us i hope ppl get the message the last one pFFF not even gonna comment the accuracy is absurd i tried not to use the same moments but five days left is a classic??? and like idk i hope you like this piece of shit bc it was made w/ lots of luv eh (should i start a tag: bricks' bday) (and tag all the gifsets i'll ever make for ur bday so u'll know where to find them to reblog them every november 13th) (bc i know ur a lil shit like that) (anyway sorry happy bday ilu bye) ((i know you're not online rn but it's midnight so i'm posting this and u can check it out when u show up weee))
baby mine izaya orihara durarara orihara izaya <3 Izaya thank you. because I love him so goddamn much and because his face is the only one I can stand to gif four times in a row. I'm sorry the text is small but you know what you just know they're deep quotes okay just just believe in that and you don't even need to read them oh my god Izaya darling oh yeah my own tag for him yesyeyseys thank you for 2000 thsi is the best I can do I'd do something Naruto because I still claim that as my main fandom but uh I don't have any of the episodes but I have all the Durarara ones yeah pleasedon'tmessupwhenuploading. minedrrr
my gifs Superman i'm sorry henry cavill man of steel fansofsteel that star wars post showed up on my dash again and i figured why not
My art Haikyuu!! sugawara koushi daisuga I'm so late with everything ok I am definently not gonna tag all of them happy father's day to Daichi though
spnfanart castielsdean deancasart castielnovak belle draws bellepost applebottomdeans merryblam uh i'm gonna tag you and just say that you can def tag me in any of you art jsyk
star wars sw edit long ass post Star Wars EU EU love though not my usual type I literally spent all day today brushing up on my history of the Old Republic because I still have trouble keeping these wars straight sometimes and for some reason I decided to do this