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animal crossing guide The Roost new leaf acnl Brewsters new feautures

A new feature in Animal Crossing New Leaf is being able to work at The Roost!

Once the Cafe community project has been built you will have the option to purchase coffee for your player for 200 bells. After 4 purchases of coffee, you’ll be able to take your coffee on the go.

Once you’ve purchased coffee for a total of 8 times, you’ll be given the option to work part time at The Roost.

Shifts are from anytime between 11 am to 11 pm, excluding holidays.

You’ll be required to serve coffee to villagers during your shifts. Soon, your villagers will begin to ask for their usual, so you’ll have to memorize what they usually order!

As payment for your services at The Roost, Brewster will pay you in coffee beans, which you’ll be able to sell for bells.

There are 3 different types of coffee beans you can recieve

Ordinary (sell for 500 bells), Good (sell for 1,000 bells) and Very Good (sell for 2,000 bells)

Along with being paid in coffee beans, you can aquire Cafe themed furniture for your home. The furniture ranges from a Coffee Maker to Brewster Styled Gyroids and even a Cafe uniform.

For the source of this post, and for more details and pictures click here: http://acnewleaf.com/2013/01/15/everything-about-brewsters-cafe-in-animal-crossing-new-leaf/

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animal crossing guide The Roost new leaf acnl Brewsters new feautures
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