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oh well Matt Duchene wow a gif wow this is lame the coloring is weird and it moves fast
game of thrones
my gifs my stuff game of thrones season 3 got my got gifs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ugh idk Kirk star trek into darkness it's late and i'm tired stedit trekedit star trek graphics:mine there was a point to this edit but i can't remember what it actually was sigh also that's technically not the direct quote but it looked weird with apostrophes using all the brush textures was fun though i might to some similar ones for other characters??? also do u know how hard it is to get cyan out of these caps ok i'm gonna stop talking now
castiel spn my caps Survival of the Fittest this is weird omg spnedit castieledit
game of thrones ' what a shitty promo esp not sure why sandor is in there but not margaery but atleast there's sansa and cat
Rap Is A Man's Soul! Heads Up And Listen To The Man Who Seeks The Heavens, Kamina's Theme!
Taku Iwasaki  Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann BEST SOUND - CD2
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15 Favorite Office Cold Opens (In no particular order) - “Go...
my stuff once upon a time snow white Emma Swan Regina Mills mine: ouat ouatedit let's face it this show is heteronormative as fuck as well as very white but the ladies are freaking awesome they fight their own battles they stand tall when things go south and this show doesn't imply that you need to have traditionally male traits to be a strong woman(tm) some of the ouat ladies fight with swords and bows and magic some fight with words and determination and all of them are equally strong and important whether they're heroes or villains whether they're mothers or daughters whether they fight for love or power the narrative treats them with respect and they are just. so. fucking. fierce.
sunggyu gif:infinite this is so lame orz i couldn't get it the way i wanted it
gif animated power rangers snes pixel tokusatsu mighty morphin power rangers super sentai Natsume vgjunk beat em up bandai licensed rita repulsa