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In Nepal they have a festival that honours dogs and thanks them for being our loyal furry friends. Someone tell China!

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when you eat animals you eat the negative vibrations of fear that they experienced
Being vegan is hard. But not in the way most people think. It’s hard because we constantly think about the animals who are suffering, and whose lives are ending. Being vegan is hard because at least for me, my heart hurts constantly. Eating and living vegan is easy. Constantly being reminded a...
Just so we're clear:
This is wrong: But this is hilarious: Seriously? Fuck you.
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…Lobsters are highly developed. They carry their young for nine months and, when left in peace, can live for more than 100 years. Th...
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The UN says that a a global move towards veganism is essential unless you support poverty, extinction, and environmental catastrophe.   The Human Rights Watch says that slaughterhouse workers are forced to work in unacceptable conditions.    Harvard keeps spewing out studies that say animal products...