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animals post Penguin thinking cap

do people know about this? i feel like they must know

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animals post Penguin thinking cap
when you had bad vibes about someone and then it turns out you were right 
latin america spans 3 subcontinents and has 20+ countries yet people still somehow think we all share the same culture
  • germans:ok, so our country is called Deutschland
  • the french:got it. the country of Allemagne
  • germans:...no? that doesn't even sound like it
  • the english:oh no, we got it, it's Germany
  • germans:not even close
  • the polish:it's Niemcy, right?
  • germans:how are you each getting it wrong in a completely different way
  • danes:Tyskland
  • ...
in honor of trans day of visibility it sure would be nice if all the cis allies on this website today put their own pronouns on their blog descriptions. it’s a small gesture but it helps normalize not assuming ppl’s pronouns or gender
youtube ads just waste their first few seconds before the skip being like “PLEASE DON’T SKIP THIS AD PLEASE PLEASE” meanwhile ppl on vine are squeezing in entire feature film amounts of material into 6 seconds for fun what i’m saying is companies need to starting hiring viner...
when oitnb season 3 rolls around, can we all keep in mind alex is an emotionally abusive, lying, dangerous, unrepentant criminal who literally threatened to rape a girl at one point and all around a very shitty person and not worship her as the perfect sexy girlfriend? poussey washington is the perf...
i have too many human beings in my life, how do i replace some/all of them with birds
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animals mine aw penguins Penguin on the road Penguin books penguin classics
  • aries:thigh high socks and red lipstick
  • taurus:sandals and vests
  • gemini:mismatched clothes and sideburns
  • cancer:turtlenecks and monochrome clothing
  • leo:trenchcoats and hats
  • virgo:fashion experts like you don't need trends
  • libra:tinted glasses and canes
  • scorpio:denim jeans and colored mascara
  • ...
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