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animation ajna indivisible heruka k141 K240

You all have probably already heard about it, buttt….

There’s only 4 days left to the Indivisible funding campaign, and it’s so close! I totally dig what the folks at Lab Zero do, and I was drunk enough to consider animating fanart for it.

If you haven’t already, check it out, try out the prototype, fund it, share it, go wild, go gold.

Okay back to real work…


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You have three eyes, use them.
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Support Indivisible!!
okay im about to make one of these posts because I REALLY WANT this game to get funded and I want people to know about it!!!ITS CALLED INDIVISIBLE AND HERES WHY ITS COOL:Female POC protagonist who isn’t overtly sexualized!!Lots of references to sooo many different cultures’ mythologyGorgeous artwork...
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