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anonymously send the mun what you really think of them.

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Anonymously disappoint my character
Make Them Awkward! Asks [Mostly NSFW]
Here’s a list of asks guaranteed to bring on a blush. Send some in! Numbers range from 1-22 What was the worst wardrobe malfunction you ever suffered? If you had to have a threesome, who would it be with? After a drunk night out, who would you be most mortified to wake up in bed with? If you had to...
Without looking, put a number between 1-42 in my ask box! [grab bag edition]
So you all know how these go, below the cut is a list of 42  RP prompts that came to me. If you’re feeling extra brave, reblog without looking! This list has a nice mix of shippy, non-shippy, fluffy, cracky, angsty, nsfw, and sfw and such forth. Who knows what you’ll get?  *Also gender a...
Send me a ✖ and: 1st person gets a kiss on the forehead 2nd person gets a kiss on the lips 3rd person gets a hot steamy kiss 4th person gets me in their bed for the night 5th  person gets me chained up in leather. 6th person gets to see me strip/pole dance  It restarts after 6 have fun~
Leave the cheesiest pick-up lines in my inbox.
Give my muse a gift, that's inside a box. It can be anything and I truly mean it.
Bonus points: Trick them into thinking it’s a good gift.
  • America:What superpowers I want/wanted
  • China:Three things that I find to be adorable
  • Russia:A dream I want to have come true one day
  • England:Someone I miss
  • France:What I envision the man/woman of my dreams would be like
  • Canada:The last time I felt unnoticed
  • Japan:Something I might never say out loud
  • Germany:What I think most people think of me
  • ...
If my muse was a stripper, what would their 'song' be?
Confess your feelings to my muse, anonymously or not
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Anonymously send me two characters and a grave situation. I'll respond with who I'd save.