• art challenge Coney Island Art Institute psuedofolio •
art challenge Coney Island Art Institute
art challenge Coney Island Art Institute

Not a real school. Click and drag the animated gif to the side, read what you got. You will not be graded. Do as many as you like, when you can.

Resources: PixelovelyPerspective Drawing Basics

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art challenge Coney Island Art Institute
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Let's play a game
Go to ColorSchemeDesigner  Click “Random -> Randomize palette”  And with the resulting palette design a new character. Surprisingly good way to get over art block
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Idea Generators for the Artist
Daily Themes and Challenges Concepts Words Color Scheme Designer The Color Wizard Video Game Name Generator Others http://folji.deviantart.com/art/Idea-Generator-v1-4-1-199684321 http://3ch.redwhirlpool.com/3CH/ http://www.ldaustinart.com/paul/speedpaint.php