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art challenge Coney Island Art Institute
art challenge Coney Island Art Institute

Not a real school. Click and drag the animated gif to the side, read what you got. You will not be graded. Do as many as you like, when you can.

Resources: PixelovelyPerspective Drawing Basics

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art challenge since the last one was a tad boring emoji challenge emoji challenge vr.2 artist challenge
new art challenge
draw urself in Grunkle Stan’s suit
photography art mine z Art Institute of Chicago i thot this was cute :-)
new art challenge:
draw the squad like this
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Art Challenge: 30 Important Expressions
Draw ‘em all, or have someone send you a character and a number… it’s your wonderland, Alice. Reblog, add your own. Have a good time.hasn’t slept in 48 hourstasted something grossin a long, slow line at the DMVlistening to blind date talk about their exreading YouTube commentsfavorite s...