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its been a while since I’ve done anything with tutorials ahhh also my explanations started to die out because I don’t have a lot to say to describe each one. If this helps you, I’m glad. But I would say to just springboard from this! get loose with your poses and have fuuuuun

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Art References Tumblr Accounts!
Some of these may be in the wrong category. Some may need to be in another category! Do tell me (through my ask box) if I need to change or add something! Have fun looking through these accounts! HUMAN ANATOMY http://anatomicalart.tumblr.com/ http://amazinglyartisticadvice.tumblr.com/ http://learnin...
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A Bunch of Tutorials
FIGURE DRAWING Kids Babies Human Figures & Their Proportions Arms & Hands Backs & Shoulders Clothing Chests / Upper Body / Torso Drapery & Folds Legs & Feet Necks Figures in Action & Motion Figures in Groups or Crowds Figures in Landscape Drawings HOW TO DRAW THE FACE Ca...
SO I haven’t seen anyone post this yet and I thought it was just too useful not to share…. 3D Interactive Skeleton Reference! Brought to you by Kineman.com! No more ...
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