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askgloucester: Espurr. Tiny, creepy eyed individual, usually in solitude, immense psychic destructive powers, special precautionary measures to contain and prevent accidental release of uncontrollable psychic power.. This thing is pretty much Dogen Boole from Psychonauts.
spoilers bbc sherlock meme my post comic 10000 !!! series 3 sherlock art my contribution many happy returns series 3 prequel I made this whilst on the toilet
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Has this been done yet?
doodles just art
John Egbert homestuck art khstuck! kingdom heartstuck
art MY EDIT i dunno vincent van gogh art history meme i'm done with this layout
My art Brittnay Matthews saison marguerite mpgis most popular girls in school is this how i write their names is this even a fandom omfg
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~ narry ! niall x harry add it to the pile this has probably been done a million times idk i can't nsee my internet is fucked up