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art homestuck equius zahhak fancy tier

Fancy tier Equius :o

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art homestuck equius zahhak fancy tier
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Guys I hate to depress you but I’m coming to a realization. Equius, right? When Caliborn went on his rampage and destroyed that doomed dreambubble, the Equius inside did not appear to be a godtier one (obviously). It was just him, in his regular clothes, with no real hint that there was anyth...
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Giddy up ~equius/kankri comic~
OHmANOHMAN it’s done! Thanks to those who helped me through this and such. i apologize if there’s any errors in it in general. and if it sucks.haahhh….. The script can be found here and the audio can be found here. All i did was just make the comic. The text might be small, so here...
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