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Drawlloween Day 23: Moon

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  • Aries:Jennifer, age 43, an alcoholic who lets her kids run wild but still shows up to school functions so it looks like she's trying
  • Taurus:Ramona, age 37, a stay at home mom obsessed with interior decorating who spends over $20,000 a year at Homegoods.
  • Gemini:Lyn, age 38, a confident mom who flirts with married men even though she herself is married and posts too much on social media
  • Cancer:Pat, age 41, a loving mom who already has six kids but wants to push for one more because she loves the whole process of raising a child
  • Leo:Stella, age 36, a "younger" mom who is an ex Broadway star and likes to tell stories about her "dazzling" experiences on the stage and rant about how her kids are sure to follow
  • Virgo:Courtney, age 45, a traditional mom who doesn't let her kids dye their hair and thinks college is the most important thing ever
  • Libra:Katherine, age 42, a gossiper who is obsessed with high school reunions and going to parties and socializing
  • Scorpio:Kelly, age 39, a widow who is doing her best to provide for the kids but is grief stricken since losing her husband
  • ...