• art painting portrait french greek mythology woman portrait XIXth century guillaume seignac v-ersacrum •
art painting portrait french greek mythology woman portrait XIXth century guillaume seignac

Guillaume Seignac, Diana the Huntress, 19th century

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art painting portrait french greek mythology woman portrait XIXth century guillaume seignac
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  • Renoir:MAYBE. He is a terrible draftsmen and actually the least technically skilled of the impressionists but sometimes he makes people look pretty. Other times he makes them look bruised. 50/50. Best not to go with him.
  • Manet:solid choice, edgy but not too edgy. Will use nice rich jewel tones. Put him on your list.
  • Monet:if you want an impressionist he's your guy. Pretty straightforwards. You will look good and there will be tons of sunlight.
  • Van Gogh:it'll be awesome but you might also be green and yellow. Literally. If you've always wanted to know what you'd look like with unnatural skin colors go for Van Gogh. Don't bother trying to pronounce his name just call him Vincent. Maybe give the poor guy some antidepressants. He's a delicate sad soul but desperately broke so tip him heavily. He will cry having made money on a painting. Also tell him to stop eating yellow paint. Definitely get a portrait from him.
  • Degas:you'll either be a ballerina or a prostitute. Maybe even both. Somehow there will be diagonal lines in your portrait. Consider it.
  • Moreau:are you a woman who wants to know what you look like through the eyes of a man who is literally terrified of women??? Then this guy is for you!
  • Munch:see above with one notable addition: You may be framed with sperm. Hashtag: THE SCREAM.
  • Klimt:like Moreau except with less misogyny and sperm and more gold. Good choice if you want to look like you could kill someone without ruining your #look. Happy to paint Jewish women. You will also be super comfy in his studio wearing big drape-y gown type things. Medium to high chance your portrait will be stolen by nazis. Go for it. You will look great.
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