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Chips did the haunted house meme and I had to join in.  I have trouble choosing my favorite reaction! XD

Team Aqua, Team Magma


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art My art comic long post ahh well Haikyuu!! bokuto koutarou bokuaka fukurodani akaashi keiji i think someone's already done something similar to this?? D: I FINALLY FRICKING FINISHED IT A U G H this took way too long to do and i'm still not happy with it huhuhu.. TT w TT you can see the art getting lazier with each panel but i'm glad that it's done = w = i honestly can't handle these two i love them so fricking much???? ugh they give me so much life literarymerritt merritt draws precious owl babs
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my giveaway long post i'm doing the thing again but without the pressure of actually doing a whole calendar while working on my theses i've learned my lesson hah i'm sorry the prizes are not much i wanted to giveaway nicer stuff ;; also hinting to december 12th hohoho ill be reblogging it weekly