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The Animal Kingdom In Focus: Brilliant Paintings by Kathrin Vienna

Austrian artist Kathrin Vienna creates superb watercolor illustrations of animals with elements of fantasy. The contemporary painting style paired with bright colors, splattered textures and untamed subjects provide the viewers with a sense of freedom and wilderness on a modern artwork series which exhibits the timeless beauty of nature through an emerging art style.

There is a rawness about Vienna’s artwork, which makes the bright colors resemble unrefined painting techniques applied to realistic creatures. Vienna embraces spirituality in her artwork, drawing inspiration from the Native American heritage which is a recurring theme throughout her many pieces. This is made evident from the Indian headdress worn by a majestic lion, as well as by the radiant hues derived from celestial bodies.

The way Kathrin Vienna uses the concepts of the earth, air, water and fire in different modes such as with the dripping paint, color or texture points to the close connection of the tribal people with mother nature. Using the animal muses in the artwork creates a bridge from reality to the bright dreamscape of her imagination. The animals mirror the artist’s sense of pride, familiarity, unity and other sentiments with the mask of wild beasts.

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