• art sorry i have issues someone help me pls all hail the gummy bear king yourdailynarcissist •
art sorry i have issues someone help me pls all hail the gummy bear king

1. the action of delaying or postponing something.

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art sorry i have issues someone help me pls all hail the gummy bear king
mine azula dante basco Tumblr prom grey delisle so yeah i have decided to make this in honor of our queen sorry for the bad photoshop x) now im off to school
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Reblog if you're going to be single this Valentines Day
its for science and a plan.
reblog if you're not expecting anything in Valentines day
Just do it, I promise it isn’t supposed to be sad. Just reblog and wait. You will see.
Quentin Tarantino I'm ready 2 die take me Lord most notes I got thnxz
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barack obama my graphics (1) mckayla maroney I'm sorry I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome my president is can you imagine Romney or GWBush trying to do the Maroney face? let me do you a favor and tell you to NOT imagine that because it is creepy and weird but can we all agree that obamaroney should put out a self-help book about how to be fabulous and kick ass because let me tell you i would buy that shit in a heartbeat also can someone please PLS take a screencap of the guy to the left in the original photo throwing his head back and laughing and can you post it with 'OH MR PRESIDENT' because that is all i can see tbh I'M ALIIIIIIVE about to post an audio post to give a more thorough hello because it's been like 2 weeks omg????
aragorn x The Lord of the Rings q The Return of The King arwen just an excuse to post sOMETHING man i am in such a rut pls bear with me
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