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Assumption Game

Send me assumptions you make about me and ill answer true/false x

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Assumption Game
Send me assumptions you make about me and ill answer true/false x
  • 1:6 of the songs you listen to most?
  • 2:If you could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be?
  • 3:Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 23, give me line 17.
  • 4:What do you think about most?
  • 5:What does your latest text message from someone else say?
  • 6:Do you sleep with or without clothes on?
  • 7:What's your strangest talent?
  • 8:Girls... (finish the sentence); Boys... (finish the sentence)
  • ...
  • 1. What do you search for in a partner?
  • 2. What do you hate about relationships?
  • 3. What do you like about relationships?
  • 4. Do you get jealous easily?
  • 5. Have you ever had a jealous partner?
  • 6. Where is the best place to go for a date?
  • 7. Where is the worst place to go for a date?
  • 8. What is the best thing to do on date?
  • ...
Ask Questions..
Place a letter in my ask and I’ll answer the question that goes with it.A - If I’m in love.B - Who the last person I talked to on the phone was.C - How long it’s been since I’ve kissed.D - If I have a preference for boys or girls.E - How many holes I have in my ears.F - Give me any options, like ‘ho...
  • 1. Would you have sex with the last person you text messaged?
  • 2. You talked to an ex today, correct?
  • 3. Have you taken someones virginity?
  • 4. Is trust a big issue for you?
  • 5. Did you hang out with the person you like recently?
  • 6. What are you excited for?
  • 7. What happened tonight?
  • 8. Do you think it’s disgusting when girls get really wasted?
  • ...
  • Personal:
  • 1. Name
  • 2. Age
  • 3. Zodiac sign
  • 4. 5 things you love
  • 5. 5 things you hate
  • 6. Name five things you can see right now
  • 7. Closest friends
  • ...
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You wanna find out some personal shit?
Put a number in my ask box and I’ll answer it bitches. 1. Any scars? 2. Self harmed? 3. Crush? 4. Kissed anyone? 5. Coke or Pepsi? 6. Someone you hate? 7. Best Friends? 8. Have you ever done alcohol or drugs? 9. What’s your dream job? 10. Ever been in love? 11. Last time you cried? 12. Favorite ...
  • 1.Where and when was your first kiss?
  • 2.How long can you go without your phone?
  • 3.Last time you kissed someone, were your hands around their neck?
  • 4.Are you slowly drifting away from someone?
  • 5.Do you prefer warm or cold weather?
  • 6.Have you ever fallen asleep in someones arms?
  • 7.Do you still talk to the first person you kissed?
  • 8.Do you find it in your heart to forgive?
  • ...
I wish my followers were nosy as fuck and asked me stuff all the time
Send me a "if I met you"
'Cause I have nothing better to do with my life rn.