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bathroom plants aesthetic aesthetics pink aesthetic

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bathroom plants aesthetic aesthetics pink aesthetic
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Personal pink bathroom aesthetic i actually hate this bathroom though
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  • Hufflepuff aesthetic:sitting after a long day; pulling your blanket back on when it falls off in the night; broken cinnamon sticks; jumpers that are too big; putting on warm socks; your pet resting their head on your lap; butterfly kisses; extra creamy hot chocolate; humming in the morning;
  • Gryffindor aesthetic:being breathless after running; spinning fast on office chairs; untying your hair; having dirty feet; finishing big breakfast; holding hands; fire crackling; having red lips from berries; burning the tips of your fingers on hot drinks; brushing your hands through fur;
  • Slytherin aesthetic:making perfect paper creases; sucking on ice; rooms with high ceilings; looking up at the stars; getting up for a drink of water at night; brushing your hair behind your ears; heels clicking on polished floors; dancing home alone; driving fast; jumping high on trampolines; charcoal on fingers; blasting music on headphones; being light-headed after a sleep in;
  • Ravenclaw aesthetic:covering your eyes with your hair; cold wind on your face; brushed teeth; finishing a long book series; wearing extravagant clothes at home for no reason; sipping lemonade through straws; multi-tasking; hot showers; staying up late; quiet music; the taste of mint; perfectly sharpened pencils;
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