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beauty africa beauty standards eurocentric beauty beauty norms

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beauty africa beauty standards eurocentric beauty beauty norms
Here’s to the girls with the “ethnic” noses Here’s to the girls who have noses with “character”  The girls with big noses; the girls with broad, flat noses; crooked noses; hooked noses; bulbous noses; hawk noses  You are striking in your beauty 
Our cultural fixation on female thinness is not an obsession with female beauty but an obsession with female obedience.
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When you realize your beauty isn’t in the hands of others, but in your own eyes, that is what sets you free.  Stop trying to put your beauty in other’s hands, stop giving them that control of your life. Only you decide that you are beautiful. Everyone else can go fuck themselves if they ...
Whether it’s being forbidden from wearing leggings because they distract male classmates, having yearbook portraits photoshopped to sh...
I don’t even want the job anymore. I forgot to mention...
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