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beauty love yourself feminism body positivity standards

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beauty love yourself feminism body positivity standards
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Here’s to the girls with the “ethnic” noses Here’s to the girls who have noses with “character”  The girls with big noses; the girls with broad, flat noses; crooked noses; hooked noses; bulbous noses; hawk noses  You are striking in your beauty 
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Dear body, You are not too fat nor are you too thin. You are perfectly shaped in the spitting image of flawless. Your boobs aren’t the big...
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on "loving your body."
i’m sick and fucking tired of pretending that “loving your body” and rejecting fat-shaming on an individual level does anything to change issues relating to beauty and thin privilege, or that it has any effect on the institutions and structures that perpetuate them.  it does nothin...
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Reduce cellulite. Be gone dry skin. Vanish unwanted facial hair. Diminish stretch marks. Fade age spots. Eliminate feminine odor. Lose weigh...
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