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bee movie i gueess omg joke joke

This could bee us but you playin

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bee movie i gueess omg joke joke
THIS IS A JOKE bee movie
The Bee Joke
Dad: Why do bees stay inside their hives in winter? Me: I dunno…  Dad: Swarm
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BuzzFeed what the heck is this OMG ???? I made the tag I made this but after it I wrong not really??? omg I gotta put this was a joke in caps I guess I hope the real owner doesn't try to fight me
god i hate glee so much its such a stupid show it makes me so mad i dont want anything to do with it i fucking hate hate hate glee *sips tea aggressively* fuck glee
when your mom tells you to do the dishes
vaginas are like the weatherif it’s wetit’s time to go inside
You don’t need a spoonful of sugar to make me go down
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if someone is being rude or makes you uncomfortable imagine them in a bee movie suit