• bees funeral telling the bees strange tradition kenlayne •
bees funeral telling the bees strange tradition

"Strange tradition from the forgotten rural years." Bees attend keeper’s funeral, 1956.

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bees funeral telling the bees strange tradition
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???? Save The Bees ????
Europe just passed a ban on pesticides which have killed millions of bees worldwide and this is amazing! BUT huge pesticide companies like Bayer, BASF and Syngenta are suing the European Commission to overturn the ban and we can’t sit back and let Big Pesticide overturn it while the bees vanish. La...
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All theSmall BeesMakingHoneyI left them roses by the stairs(surprises let them know i care)
homestuck is ruining my life
This is of utter importance, I HOPE everyone of my followers KNOW the consequences of bees going extinct. (Edit because of my mistake, sorry:) The bee is the main pollinator to cro...
The Signs as Bees
Aries: those friendly bees that like to buzz by your ears to say hello Taurus: that one bee that is constantly ricocheting between a million different flowers Gemini: a super chubby bee that just wants to drink a lil sugar water and say hi to everyone Cancer: the cutest lil honeybee that always has ...
??This blog supports bees????
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