• i think im falling for you… maybe wintering.. summering perhaps best idek yo rneerkat •

i think im falling for you… maybe wintering.. summering perhaps

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bitches west coast baby boy best coast snoop jelous fuck swag dogg fuck yo life and yo tumblr nice curls tho lo key
photoset One Direction Niall Horan myedit idek but i like it i'm just really bored
"Yo Hunger Games Fandom, I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish but Harry Potter was one of t...
chocolate andrew scott jim moriarty you were the best of distraction and now i don't even have you. because i've eaten you. i... uh... idek anymore i should be doing homework now
~ cobie smulders robert downey jr The Avengers Chris Evans mark ruffalo idek what this is just thought i would put all the best tony stark lines (that have been released in HD) into one photoset
harry potter hogwarts idek anymore lol graphic remakeish
doctor who favorites idek possibly the best season 5 episode lbr
klaine glee Darren Criss blaine anderson my stuff idek *glee but LOOK AT THE WAY BLAINE LOOKS AT KURT dammit darren you are a good actor like he's the best thing that's ever happened to him ok i'm gonna shut up now ok or are you actually in love with chris
rupert grint bonnie wright harry potter * Daniel Radcliffe Emma Watson evanna lynch oliver phelps james phelps Tom Felton Gary Oldman julie walters hp alan rickman ralph fiennes jason isaacs helen mccrory yo bc i wanted to remake this since a very longue tiiime the best actually lol
gif dramione lol idek
~ Darren Criss idek
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