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SINGLE LADIES (2008) vs. SORRY (2016)

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  • Single Ladies:"ladies! wave your hand in his face and tell him to put a ring on it!"
  • Sorry:"put them hands high wave it in his face tell him bye boy I regret the night I put that ring on"
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Intuition: I tried to make a home out of you but doors lead to trap doors, a stairway leads to nothing. Unknown women wander the hallways at...
Beyonce - Love Drought
Beyonce - Hold Up
What Beyonce has done with LEMONADE.
She showed the complexities of black women, she showed vulnerability from the very first song. “Pray You Catch Me” , is as soft and tender , it’s laying your heart out , all the questions you have asked yourself.“Hold Up “, the acknowledgement for your feelings and holding someone accountable ...
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When life gives you Lemons (infidelity, racism, heartbreak, social injustice + inequality, motherhood, growth, rage + loss) you make LEMONADE.
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beyonce: it’s okay jay i forgive youbeyonce in the studio the next day: