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Bioshock Infinite Starters

  • “All I had were questions. But questions get you killed.”
  • “Are you afraid of god?”
  • “Do you think…it’s possible to redeem the kind of things that we’ve done?”
  • “Give a man a little power; he falls in all kinds of love with himself.”
  • “Go back to when he was born…and I’ll smother the son of a b*tch in his crib.”
  • “Hello yourself. Keep your hands where I can see them.”
  • “I appreciate a lady who appreciates VALUUUE!”
  • “I made it very clear that I don’t believe in the exercise.”
  • “I’m not going on any walk with you. Your reputation is well established.”
  • “If I get caught, it’s gonna be a very long time before we see each other.”
  • “If we don’t watch out, we’re going to find ourselves in a kind of trouble you’ve never imagined.”
  • “If you’re going to be a sore loser, then I shan’t do this again.”
  • “Lives. Lived. Will live. Dies. Died. Will die.”
  • “My debts were many. My options were few.”
  • “Odd isn’t it? The way we finish each other’s sentences…”
  • “One doesn’t expect one’s corpse to look so…. lifeless.”
  • “Stop asking what when the delicious question is when.”
  • "The only difference between past and present is semantics.”
  • “There’s a world of difference between what we see, and what is.”
  • “Time rots everything. Even hope.”
  • “We swim in different oceans but land on the same shore.”
  • “What I do, I do for love! What lion does not cringe to see their cub in pain?”
  • “What is this place? What are you planning to do to me?”
  • “What’s done is done. What’s done…WILL be done.”
  • “When the body cries out, the spirit listens.”
  • “With just a whisper, they’re all yours.”
  • “You don’t want to be here when he gets here.”
  • “You think a dip in the river is gonna wash away the things I’ve done?”

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Bioshock Infinite Starters
“All I had were questions. But questions get you killed.” “Are you afraid of god?” “Do you think…it’s possible to redeem the kind of things that we’ve done?” “Give a man a little power; he falls in all kinds of love with himself.” “Go back to wh...
Sleeping at Last (Atlas) - Starter Sentences
Sun“Our universe was clothed in light.”“I guess space, and time takes violent things, angry things and makes them kind.”“We are the dust of dust.”“We are infinite as the universe we hold inside.”“Let there be light, let there be light, let me be right.”Mercury“Only streetlights notice me.”“I am desp...
“Are you feeling okay?” “You’re even paler than usual, and that’s saying something.” “You’re shivering.” “I’m s-so cold.” “I made you soup… Or at least I tried.” “This medicine tastes awful.” “Will you stay with me tonight?” “I’m not going to leave you.” “I’ll take care of you.” "I told you th...
Affection Starters!
“Your hair is so soft…” “It’s too cold! Get back here…” “No, I’m not letting you go. It’s too early to get out of bed.” “You’re so cute when you pout like that!” “C’mere, you can sit in my lap until I’m done working!” “Surprise tickle attack!” “Share your jacket, I forgot mine.” “Just ...
Sentence Starters: Anger!
“What the hell is your problem?!” “Leave me alone! Just get out!” “I don’t care that you’re sorry.” “Sorry doesn’t just fix everything!” “You did it on purpose, didn’t you?!” “I’m done trying to help you!” “All you care about is yourself!” “I hate you. I’m sorry it took me so damn long to realize th...
SFW Romance Sentence Meme
“As long as you’re happy, I’m happy.” “Death isn’t the end of true love, only a test.” “Dogs are always gonna chase cars, just like I’m always gonna chase you.” “Heaven without you would be hell.” “I can’t tell you how happy I am that...
  • "I would rather die than give in to the likes of you."
  • "We're the ones that are in the right. Someday everybody will see that."
  • "Without freedom, what are we? Just sheep waiting for the slaughter."
  • "You've chosen your way, and I... I've chosen mine."
  • "War kills everything. The land. The people. The very humanity inside of you."
  • "I'm afraid... afraid of what all of this is doing to you."
  • "You can't call this living!"
  • "In the grand scheme of things, what does it matter? We all die."
  • ...
  • "Excuse me, but you’ve got a little something on your face there."
  • "Well... this is awkward."
  • "I guess this is the part where we shake hands and say 'nice to meet you', right?"
  • "I've seen you here before, but I guess I just never had the courage to say hello before."
  • "I'm so excited to finally meet you in person! I've always dreamed of this."
  • "Sorry, but, um... am I the only one confused here? Why hasn't anyone else showed up?"
  • "Watch out!"
  • "Am I dead? Are you an angel?"
  • ...
Send a ? and I will generate a number for what my muse will say to yours! A mix of nsfw, crack, fluff, angst, etc. 1-50 You need to leave me alone. I think I’m going to jail. Do you still love me? Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? fuck, it’s a gun! You look like hell. I ...
“Portal” sentence meme
❝ Nice job breaking it, hero. ❞❝ Killing you and giving you good advice aren’t mutually exclusive. ❞❝ You’re not even going the right way. ❞❝ Regulations require both hands to be empty before any cake. ❞❝ You will be entirely on your own. Good luck. ❞❝ What’s your point, anyway? Su...
  • "How lucky can they be? They're dead."
  • "You will never bring your family honour."
  • "Well we can't all be acupuncturists!"
  • "No, your great-granddaughter had to become a cross dresser!"
  • "Stop me? He invited me."
  • "Ah, I see you have a sword! I have one too! They're very manly. And tough."
  • "Lemma hear you say AH!!"
  • "You wanna stay, you gotta work."
  • ...
  • "Make me"
  • "Don't tempt me"
  • "I hate you"
  • "You are infuriating"
  • "Just shut up already"
  • "That doesn't even make sense"
  • "Bite me"
  • "Eat me"
  • ...