• honestly i don’t give a flying fuck if every single girl at your middle school identified as bi for ... bisexuality bi tumblr bi girls but i'm not like those bisexuals if i see another post i will scream bi-privilege •

honestly i don’t give a flying fuck if every single girl at your middle school identified as bi for eight months before going back to identifying as straight. i don’t care if they never “did anything” with another girl, and i don’t care if they only did it for male attention. stop throwing a bunch of thirteen year old girls under the bus to “legitimize” bisexuality to a bunch of monosexuals who aren’t going to take you seriously anyways.

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doctor who eleventh doctor matt smith dw[1] mine[4] idk if i like this because the background was being stupid and it didn't turn out as i wanted to but i s2g if i see another person  adding 'i can hear the hipsters rebloging this' or other such shit underneath it i will not be nice enough is enough dammit
Jade Harley bro strider sorry I'm not sorry bi OH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE??? ...But naw my humor is awful
In 6 months I will NOT look like all those girls with shorts and a bikini top on. I will, however, l...
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graphics game of thrones oh well Arya Stark Sansa Stark a time for wolves got meme aww yii back to what I do best: blatantly stealing gifs from myself and making my gifs all blue and yellow just like old times I'm done with the quote part of the meme and I'm STILL using quotes this one is one of my favorite quotes I'm sad the end bit usually gets cut off and that's my favorite bit it has nothing to do really with the girls (and thus this gifset) but still! I talk a big game about wanting to see SanSan reunite or Arya to find Gendry again but what I really REALLY want is for Arya and Sansa to find each other again and help each other Arya on Sansa's queensguard like... if they never see each other again I will be devastated I will throw the book and sob but I think they will see each other again and be beautiful wonderful perfect sisters and things won't be terrible
pitch dreamworks sandman Signal Boost megamind Pitch Black north jack frost Dreamworks Animation rise of the guardians easter bunny tooth fairy tooth rotg bunnymund I'M SORRY TO THE PERSON WHO'S GIF I USED BUT PEOPLE LIKE IT SO IT WORKS IT MAKES IT EASIER TO REBLOG THIS
idk john john florence [Gifs] I wanted to try something like this didn't turn out great also I apologise for watermarking this but I tend to get pretty butthurt if I see reposts and IF that were to happen I'm at least not going to feel shitty about it
giveaway top gd g-dragon jiyong Kwon Jiyong bigbang choi seung hyun BIGBANG Giveaway GD and Top GD TOP Giveaway
hayley williams paramore ugh I don't like how this looks but oh well I tried also I don't know if those are the correct lyrics but I'm sure someone will point it out if they aren't
making a tumblr was simultaneously the worst and best decision of my life but mostly the worst
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