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Newspaper Blackouts by Austin Kleon

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seeing white selfies on blackout day is so :/ and i get that some ppl probably don’t know or forgot but still :/ bc it’s important to remember stuff like this so here’s a list of the next blackout dates:MAY 1JUNE 5JULY 3AUGUST 7SEPTEMBER 4OCTOBER 2NOVEMBER 6DECEMBER 4put it in your calendar! set a r...
The combination of Nayo’s vocals with Kai & Cambriae’s p...
Blackout criticism
I see a lot of people saying they don’t want to participate in the blackout anymore because popular people only get reblogged and they feel they aren’t good enough. Social media in general is a popularity contest. So you can’t expect that blackout would be any different. I get the criticism but you ...
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Listen, if Blackout is about to be a monthly thing, we need a newsletter, we need themes, have fun w...
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