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She sounded like she was about to cry. But then I heard her take a breath. Then she changed the subject. Everyone did that. When something hurt, well, we just changed the subject.

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my gifs doctor who Tenth Doctor fourth doctor Classic Who Sarah Jane Smith sorry about that dwedit AND I DON'T KNOW Sarah Jane Adventures my adventures in photoshop rtdedit goodbye series these are my first classic who gifs oh and eleven doesn't show up here because he doesn't exactly say goodbye to sarah in his episode of sja ten's goodbye to her seems more final even though obviously he sees her again but for the idea of the gifset i think this is good
you forgot to say over
this is actually from a family guy clip sorry
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doctor who mine otp David Tennant ten feels my baby my favorite hahaha no NO NO NO NO dwedit dredit i just :(((((( otp number one otp: no not to you he never loved anyone like he loves rose it makes me so emotional I am about to cry for the rest of the day i'm burning up a sun just to say goodbye these gifs are horrible but I just needed
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