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  • Me:i want new books.
  • Friend:don't you already have like 20 books to read?
  • Me:yeah, but i want new books.
  • Friend:you bought new books yesterday, i was there.
  • Me:I. Want. New. Books.

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I need to buy more books to accompany the other 100+ unread ones on my shelves..
  • Me:No, your tbr is out of control
  • Myself:But I need them
  • Me:No you don't
  • Myself:Fine
  • Myself:*Goes behind my own back to buy books*
Should i buy more books?
Parents :Wallet :Friends :Tumblr :Me : Okay lol, if you insist
You know who has a book buying problem?
When one of your favourite authors releases a new book
Shoutout to my bookworms, spinecreasers, dogearers, can’t find a position that’s comfortable, paper feelers, highlighters, and note takers.
Single and ready to wrap myself in a blanket and read
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The writer’s blessing: May you write 1,500 words with ease. May your characters be lively and not cardboard. May you need little edit...
When people claim your interest in books has gone too far
And you’re just like: