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boyfriend cute self harm cutting scars recovery

He kisses my scars<3

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boyfriend cute self harm cutting scars recovery
  • My mom:How are you going to explain your scars to your future children? What about the man you marry?
  • Me:The man I marry will love and accept me for how I am. Scars and all. He'll know about how I went though a hard time in my life but I made it. My kids will know that their mommy was hurting and that they will always have me to love and support them. They will know that I'm there for them and that I'll never give up. You just see ugly scars, I see beauty. You see a huge mistake, I see a lesson learned. You see shame, I see strength. I love my scars for that reason.
  • My mom:*speechless*
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I wish the little pink scars on my arms had visible skid marks so I could prove that I wanted to go fast and hard, but I didn’t. To p...
Today’s International Self-Injury Awareness Day, so I wanted to make something. All alternatives are taken from this post, go there for more!Remember that I love you, and I’m here for you. Please be safe.
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Recovering doesn’t mean she will never cut again, or he will never skip another meal. It doesn’t mean he is happy and she wont try to over dose again. It means they are trying to get better. And If you are ever intentionally the reason for some ones relapse when they are trying to recove...
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Alternatives for Self-Harm
Alternatives for when you’re feeling angry or restless:Scribble on photos of people in magazinesViciously stab an orangeThrow an apple/pair of socks against the wallHave a pillow fight with the wallScream very loudlyTear apart newspapers, photos, or magazinesGo to the gym, dance, exerciseListen to m...