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boyfriend sad quotes Typography best friend angry fake frustrated Betrayed ex boyfriend back stabber

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I once stalked my boyfriends ex on social media for like 7 months and I was feeding info back to him like “omg she had a baby” and one day I showed him a photo of her with the baby and he was like erm babe that’s not my ex… It turned out I had been stalking some random girl ...
After so many people leave you, you consider the possibility of the fact that maybe you’re the reason they left.
And if he called me at 3am and asked me to come over, I would come running no matter what the reason, no matter how tired I was. But if I ca...
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Sometimes I think if I just didn’t pour my heart out to you I wouldn’t be so attached and I wouldn’t be in the pain I am in now that you cau...
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And suddenly, you were just a memory.
I will never forget the convincing stare you gave me when you told me you loved me, it seemed so real.
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I can’t tell you how many times I found myself on a bathroom floor, endlessly crying, wondering how it was ever going to get easier.
Sometimes I want to kill myself, but I never want to die. I just want to destroy my demons and bring the angels back to life. I will pull t...
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