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British Lad Culture Translated

  • Cheeky Nando’s - spontaneous decision made by a group of British fuckboys to eat some grilled chicken
  • Banter - “witty” good-humoured, teasing jokes (please notice the word “witty” is used lightly)
  • Lad - basically a fuckboy
  • Ledge - shortened form of legend, son deserves your absolute respect
  • Shank - to stab
  • Shag - to have sex
  • Chunder - to upheave one’s inner contents, i.e. to vomit
  • Archbishop of Banterbury - deity of banter, the manifestation of banter in bodily form
  • Wanker - a term of endearment if you love someone you’ll tell them by calling them this

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here’s the real bitch list scar the guy who killed bambi’s mom the barracuda that ate nemo’s mom
Remember when Harry and Louis held hands on stage Or when Louis slapped Harry’s ass on stage Or when Harry kissed him on stage Or when Louis got that boner after Harry whispered to him
on april fool’s day, you really shouldn’t: post screamers make a fake suicide note tell people to kill/cut/hurt themselves and then call it a joke spread viruses through posts
why have ableist supernatural stories when you could have blind werewolves who aren’t evil and use their connection with dogs to train super amazing service doggies witches with adhd casting spells to mute all the distractions in their surroundings depressed fairies who make everything sparkle...
LMAO Wassup w EXO outfits haha
"I’ve never wanted to piss on someone’s face more than I want to piss on yours" Pervert Thug life Smoking fags
Dear Glee
A girl caring about her future does not make her selfish A girl believing that she will recover from a serious injury does not make her a bitch Guys and girls can be friends and never date Teens can graduate high school without losing their virginity Girls don’t need boyfriends in order to ach...
Hockey Blackhawks Chicago Blackhawks jonathan toews junkdrawer (gif) (++) i feel like this gifset could be updated to add more but this has been in my draft for literal MONTHS and it's time to ~set it free
Someone has made fake London Underground signs, and whoever did it is a ruddy genius.
cute hot YouTube london boy england uk smile guy twins babe hot guy teeth smiling British finn crush handsome Youtuber lovley Cheeky lad finny jack harries jacksgap finn harries harries finn harries gif jacksgap gif twins gif
Earth's Mightiest Ship Names
Super Smash Brothers - Hulk/Thor/Loki Stark Spangled Banner - Tony/Steve/Bruce Angry Birds - Hulk/Hawkeye Captain Hammer - Cap/Thor Green Arrow - Hulk/Loki Ice Frost - Cap/Loki Black Ice -Natasha/Loki Green Pepper - Hulk/Pepper Pepperoni - Pepper/Tony Black Eye - Natasha/Clint Capslock - Cap/Loki Dr...
  • Plant:Anything muse touches will grow vines and flowers on it for __
  • Pyro:Anything muse touches will set aflame for __
  • Infectious:Anyone muse touches will become fatally ill for __
  • Balloon:Muse is tied to a huge balloon and is slowly floating up in the air, someone catch them! For __
  • Door:Any door the muse opens slams back in their face for __
  • Storm:A small cloud floats above the muse pouring rain on them getting increasingly heavier for __
  • Bubbly:Muse is trapped in a ball/bubble and can't leave for __
  • Caffeine:Muse is EXTREMELY hyper for __
  • ...
  • most fandoms:omg a whole week until the next episode comes out, how will I ever cope?
  • doctor who:aw bless.
  • sherlock fandom:what even is this?
  • hunger games fandom:are you fucking kidding me?
  • harry potter fandom:go away.