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yoongi’s 23rd birthday countdown: #relatable (3/7)

Q: How do you relieve your stress when you’re tired?
SG: I sleep a lot. When I’m stressed, I sleep or work.

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television epilepsy warning gif warning the legend of korra Avatar the Legend of Korra *subtitles Pabu Bolin this is how conversations with my cats go they generally begin with me shouting I FEED YOU AND I CLEAAAAN YOUR POOO YOU UNGRATEFUL FELINS YOU COULD AT LEAST PRETEND TO LISTEN TO ME and end with them looking at me puzzled and maybe they also try to tear my eyes off but that's not relevant now is it this gifset exists because of pabu I really do not give a crap about the real love stuff but pabu's perplexity is beautiful
Daniel Radcliffe Emma Watson bts hp gifs: mine ugh the last gif is so bad can i tell a story about how i made these ok so the first two have the same coloring and when i tried to apply the same coloring to the 3rd one it turned out completely different and i was baffled so i had to make a new on... no1cur!!1!
gifs quotes graphics edward elric Fullmetal Alchemist fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood alphonse elric no this isn't shippy at all what are you talking about except i totally think it is for REASONS because let's just reflect on one singular fact for a second that fact being that edward was willing to give up EVERYTHING for his brother and in the end gives up the one thing that defines him the one thing that makes him who he is he doesn't do this for anyone else in the series the amount of sacrifice he makes for only alphonse is astonishing no one else gets that much of edward's devotion and love ed may love winry romantically but it will never compare to the bond he shares with al and the extent he will go for his brother's safety and if you disagree you clearly did not read/watch the same series as i did because seriously you cannot say that ed loves anyone as much as he loves al they're soulmates in the most literal sense because even in canon it's clearly stated that ed's soul is intertwined with al's it became that way when they lost their innocence when they tried to bring back their monther these two boys... i just love them so much
otp: damon and elena tv: the vampire diaries gif: the vampire diaries type: gif type: manip bottom left is my fav because i interpret it as damon saying 'just a quicky' and they go and bonnie is like 'omfg' same bonnie same weeping because idk how to manip and because i know this has been made tons of time lol i'll just shut up now
Harry Styles is a Good Fucking Person
because no one’s perfect but Harry Styles gets pretty damn close.  So basically this is just a compilation of instances where Harry’s a fucking great human being and I just needed to get it out there because he’s been kind of dragged through the media recently and it’s disgusting because he ...
gifs family guy clothing seriously i am fucking sick of it ladytypes the power of quality is insignificant next to the power of the gif basically what i'm saying is yes i know this is shit but shut the fuck up and deal
gifset oh god because so good Kerry Washington ladies i love this whole panel of white men were owned so hard in this segment u look so dumb right now i downloaded this episode for this and i might spam smackdowns everywhere!!
q IT HAD TO BE DONE Skyfall Ben Whishaw but that's okay okay i'll stop 00q 00qpioneers4satan for everybody who keeps complaining that people make Q younger than 30 IT IS IN THE BLOODY SCRIPT GIVE IT A REST yep. I took the time to scan it because it bugs me and now I'm late for work like you can't work when you're in your 20s that's just insane we have to earn money too you know JUST STOP ACTING LIKE 'REAL LIFE' DOESN'T START UNTIL 30 (obvs this rant isn't for everybody here but it had to be said) I do not have the entire script parts of it are used in the Bond on Set book
mine WHAT EVEN IS THIS i love them boobear and babycakes i think i have to go to my tags because SERIOUSLY louis' supertight grip ona hazza and he just doesn't wanna let go oh yes this is about their hands THIS IS NOT THE SAME SCENE this lasted for hours what even- my larryheart back in x-factor they were already so much of what they are now two little magnets aaaaahhhh
the vampire diaries stefan salvatore *mine i am the worst stefan salvatore stan in that i only noticed now the one shot in this scene where it's clear he's been crying (the closeup shots don't show tears) my heart is basically shattering in half to imagine that at some point in the midst of devouring all these bags klaus is feeding him prompted by both a desperation to save his dying brother and his only semi-dormant out-of-control lust for human blood stefan starts crying because he knows he is turning himself into a monster back into the ripper lexi spent decades trying to save him from destroying the person whom elena gilbert fell in love with and any chance he had at hope and happiness and feeling alive again but he keeps going because he owes it to damon for being the one to ruin his life 145 years ago and because he's a ripper like klaus wants him to be and a ripper doesn't stop
gif mine celebrity Ezra Miller
gif gifs politics barack obama Captain America Chris Evans BarackObama i just love this new gif era please don't hate me and i want obama to reblog this okay I JUST WANT HIM TO LOVE ME OKAY AND BE LIKE CHRIS EVANS COME TO THE WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENTS DINNER WHEN I GET RE ELECTED AND I SHALL SHOW YOU CELINE'S GIFSET asjdkajls jdskalhf;alshf daydreams yo