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bts on public transport

yoongi: always has massive headphones on and never looks anyone in the eye. epitome of the resting bitch face.

namjoon: is reading a different book every day. you’re not sure if he actually finishes them.

jimin: always the first to give up his seat for grandmas and pregnant ladies. smiles brightly at anyone who looks his way.

taehyung: plays peek-a-boo with babies, has long-winded conversations with strangers’ children, and asks to pet all the dogs.

jungkook: always has his hood up and is scrolling through his phone. looks terrifying. turns out all he’s doing is looking at memes.

hoseok: has earphones in and is always bopping his head. bumps into people when he absentminded dances. once had an impromptu dance battle at a train station.

seokjin: buys a lot of snacks and eats them on his morning commute. sometimes offers his extra food to old ladies and homeless people.  

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