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bts on public transport

yoongi: always has massive headphones on and never looks anyone in the eye. epitome of the resting bitch face.

namjoon: is reading a different book every day. you’re not sure if he actually finishes them.

jimin: always the first to give up his seat for grandmas and pregnant ladies. smiles brightly at anyone who looks his way.

taehyung: plays peek-a-boo with babies, has long-winded conversations with strangers’ children, and asks to pet all the dogs.

jungkook: always has his hood up and is scrolling through his phone. looks terrifying. turns out all he’s doing is looking at memes.

hoseok: has earphones in and is always bopping his head. bumps into people when he absentminded dances. once had an impromptu dance battle at a train station.

seokjin: buys a lot of snacks and eats them on his morning commute. sometimes offers his extra food to old ladies and homeless people.  

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otp edit b.a.p daehyun I found all these food png a few days ago... and I just thought about him when i wanted to use them today.. Meeeh just leaving this here DaeFood
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pierce the veil sorry I'm actually crying
The Hunger Games katniss everdeen sigh Peeta Mellark idk thgedit everlark lilys gif tis be a fun queue otp: we protect each other this isnt spoilery i think so no tagging that i've wanted to do this for so looong and last night i finally thought to do this so yah i like these gifsets DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT WAS TO FIND COLOURING THAT WOULD WORK THOUGH and stay under the limit
doctor who David Tennant Tenth Doctor Bradley James Arthur Pendragon Merlin colin morgan mydw mym I JUST THOUGHT OF THIS SCENE WHILE WATCHING idk ten can go to camelot and look for arthur b/c he needs him and merlin would be like o_o who's that dude
gif haha mine ha and HAHAHA :)))))))) Korra legend of korra the legend of korra /cries lok mako amon makorra tlok so i went with it I BLAME YOU JESSICA YOU WANTED MAKORRA ANGST so i was like ok i can do makorra angst AND THIS POPPED INTO MY HEAD but i thought it'd be too painful to do then i remembered you like character death well this is the final product btw sorry this took so long~ enjoy<3
gif LOL mine The Hunger Games ugh :B thgedit I TOOK SO LONG TO DO THIS AND THIS ISN'T EVEN THE GIFSET I SHOULD BE WORKING ON I'm sorry if it's out of time~ I tried my best a new style I just saw a tutorial and wanted to try so that means expect more from me also I feel another batch of wallpapers might be coming idk
my gif Harry Styles One Direction 1D ugh idk man why are you so fit i just wanted to make a gif of this
! rivergron gif 3 Nayanna so i had to make this idk but the way dianna grabbed naya's arm in yesterday's bts vid gave me intense feelings
One Direction ~ tour 5k appearance queue: riding the rollercoaster of life idk i thought it looked cool
When you're about to run out of the house and you realize you forgot something,
homestuck epilepsy I thought I'd make a new one since my dose was upped epilepsy awareness